The ‘Potty !’




Assembly instructions for your new Potty !

Hopefully the wheels are already attached to the axles — if not, fit the wheels & do the bolts up as tight as possible. Once the wheels are bolted onto the axles, don't bother unbolting them again. This avoids the risk of the wheels coming loose when the yacht is in use.

•Start with the seat & fit the rear wheels. Slide the shiny axles into the chassis underneath the seat. Slide each axle into the chassis up to the little hole drilled in the axle, so that half the hole is exposed, then tighten up the black “twizzly nut” on the chassis nice and tight.

•Take the middle bit of the chassis with the mast mount on it, & slide it into the box section under the front of seat. Adjust to length by holding the two stainless steel "poppers" in & sliding the middle bit in to the correct length, then lighten the locking bar. After a few minutes running stop and re-tighten the locking bar to make sure it stays nice and tight. 

•Take the front end & undo the black twizzly nut. Poke the bar end through the short tube at the front of the chassis. It might be a tight fit initially, then replace & tighten the black twizzly nut. Give the steering bar a waggle to test it.  If it feels too stiff, slacken the twizzly nut a little or try a little oil - it removes any squeaks as well.

•Now fit the sail. Empty the sail bag & slot together the four sections of the aluminium tube. The end of the top section of the mast has a black bung in it to prevent damage to the sail, so make sure the black bung is at the top of the mast.

•Slot the assembled mast into or onto the mast mount on the chassis, & move the yacht so it is pointing across the wind. Tip the yacht over onto it's side, & the mast should now be pointing away from the wind (downwind).

•Fit the boom onto the sail. The front half of the boom is already attached to the sail. The thinner bit of tube with the pulley on it is the second half of the boom & is normally kept rolled up inside the sail. Slide the end with the black bung in it through the webbing hoop at the bottom back corner of the sail, then slide the other end into the front end of the boom, until the pulley mounting stops it sliding in any further.

•Take the sail to the end of the mast. Hold on to the boom & let the wind unroll the sail. Fit the boom end of the mast pocket of the sail over the end of the mast, and gently pull the sail all the way down over the mast.
Check that the top of the mast is snugly home in the webbing hoop at the top of the mast pocket. If you are doing this on tarmac or concrete, try to keep the top of the mast off the ground while you pull the sail on, to avoid scuffing & damage to the sail pocket. 

•Pick up the mast & stand the yacht upright. Turn the yacht round so that it is pointing into the wind.

•Now fit the rope. Poke one end of it through the hole in the middle of the back of the seat. Tie a simple knot in the end of it & pull the rope back so the knot is up against the back of the hole underneath the seat. Take the other free end of the rope & thread it through the pulley at the back end of the boom, from back to front. Then poke the rope through the pulley at the front end of the boom, from back to front. Pick up the pulley on the front of the seat & hold it upright. Poke the rope through from front to back. Pull the rope through to take up any slack. If you have a ratchet pulley fitted, there should be a clicking noise as you pull the rope through. If it isn't clicking, unthread the rope, turn the pulley round and re-thread it.

•Your yacht is now rigged. Sit yourself in it. Give the rope a pull & check the rope goes smoothly through the pulleys. Check the 3 twizzlies are suitably tight - you can reach them all from the seat. The front twizzly on the steering needs to be moderately tight. The rear axles need to be a bit tighter.

•Check your seat belt is adjusted to fit you comfortably & wear it along with your helmet at all times.

•Your Potty ! is now ready to sail... How about you? If you have any doubts at all about the wisdom of going for a sail, then don't! let someone else have a go in it first & see how you feel later.

Ah, the places you can sandyacht...

Fun for all the family …

Safety First: Always wear a helmet and use the seat belt

when Going Potty!