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New Sails & some used

New Yachts !

Introducing the new "Fat Head" 3.6 sq m, 4.6 & 5.6 sq m Race sails ...

The new 3.6 sq m Fat Head Race sail on the left is on a nice shiny example of our ever-popular standard stainless steel adjustable length Potty, available from stock at £950 (+ delivery) with our standard sail.

The new 4.6 sq m Fat Head Race sail in the middle is on our new Potty Sport - note how the seat has been lowered, tilted & moved back, giving a much more sporty feel to the sailing position, & it has got longer axles for greater stability.  Please ignore the off-colour seat ! 

The new 5.6 sq m Fat Head Race sail on the right is on our new Potty Max, with the same lowered racy seat position, longer axles & the footrest pegs further back.

All 3 sails are made from top quality

sailcloth, as used with the sails on the bigger Race yachts, have tapered battens & batten tension adjusters.

Note the difference in the angle of the batten positions.  The 4.6 sail has the battens in the traditional "parallel to the boom" position, which looks better & is more aerodynamically efficient, but does mean that you have to take the battens out of the sail after use if you want the sail to roll up into a neat, manageable package.  Leave the battens in & it rolls up into a package that is 8' long, whereas the standard 3.6 sail on the left, with the battens in our normal position at right angles to the mast, rolls up with the battens in situ into a package that is only 4' long & fits snugly in the car boot.  The new Race sails all come with the battens in the "traditional" position, as shown on the middle sail above, unless you specifically want them at 90 degrees to the mast, for your convenience.

This is our prototype Potty Sport - note how the seat has been lowered, tilted & moved back, giving a much more sporty feel to the sailing position, & it has got longer axles for greater stability.  Note the "popper" in the end hole - it is set for our 6'4" test pilot - to shorten the yacht, you slacken the "twizzly" above the popper, & slide the front section in towards the seat until the popper reappears, then tighten up the twizzly.

The last of our prototypes - The Potty "Sport".  The sail is a prototype 4.6 that got progressively reduced in size while we got the curve on the mast pocket right, so its probably nearer 4.2 sq m ... & has seen some use, as has the seat, but it is a bargain at £1000, complete with new wheels, pulleys & boom.

This is our Potty Max - note the longer front end, with the footrest pegs further back, the same racy seat position & longer axles as the Sport, & the sail is the new 4.6 sq m Fat Head Race sail shown in the first picture, with the battens parallel to the boom.  The yacht in the picture has been sold, but is available at £1350, new, complete.

This is the Production Potty Sport - The seat is lower, further back on the yacht, & tilted back a bit as well.  It looks racy, it feels sporty & it goes faster ...

It is shown with the 3.6 sq m Race sail, & also the 4.6 sq m Race sail.  The 3.6 sq m sail has 4 battens, the 4.6 has 5 battens.

Both sails were new when the pics were taken on Inch in Kerry, S.Ireland in late September, but both sails & the yacht have been lightly used.

The yacht as shown with the 3.6 sail is £1150, or £1200 with the 4.6 sail, or £1500 with both.

If you wanted to convert that Potty Sport into a Potty Max, you'd simply change the front ends, as shown above.  Ignore the heel rests shown, also known as Cissy bars - they're an Optional Extra.  Add £50 if you wanted the Max front end instead of the Sport front end - in this instance the Max front end does have a mudguard fitted - or add £150 if you wanted both front ends.

Also available is the Donegal yacht:

Here's a cheapie for you .. !

It’s an interesting combination of bits that arose from our trip to Kerry in May 2013 - the beach at the Dumps on Brandon Bay was covered with rocks & the seat got whacked about by persons unknown, & Dave lovingly repaired it, but it does look shabby ... similarly the sail was new in May, but a vicious squall resulted in the boom punching a hole in the sail just below the bottom batten - look closely & you can see it, repaired with proper tape - & the chassis is the predecessor to our current ever-popular adjustable length stainless steel version, but this is in galvanised mild steel, & doesn't adjust ... so forget this yacht if you're under 5'10" tall ... & it has an experimental box to put the mast in, as you can see.  The idea was that you could move the mast position back & fore, using bits of plastic bread board as packing pieces in front of, & behind, the mast.  In all honesty, it didn't work.  The packing pieces used to work their way up & out as the day wore on, particularly if you were doing a lot of tacking &, when the time came to send it off to its new owner in Donegal, I couldn't find the relevant bits of bread board ... & we seem to be using wooden ones at home at the moment, so I put that bit of tube in behind the mast instead ... & it works perfectly !  The mast is in precisely the right place for the best handling, & we should never have bothered with the bread board.  Anyway, the yacht never did get to Donegal - it did spend 10 days in a farmyard in Kerry waiting for couriers, then a couple of months in an attic north of Dublin, but now it's back in Wales ... & could be yours for £500, + delivery.  It would have new wheels, a new ratchet pulley & a new rope on it.

The Sport & Max yachts, with the new Fat Head sails, are more likely to appeal to folk who have already discovered the joys of hooning around in our Potty minilandyachts.  If you would like to upgrade your standard Potty to a Sport or Max, we can take your old Potty in part exchange but, as several folk have already discovered, having two yachts is twice as much fun !

The Sport & Max have interchangeable front ends so, if you have a Sport, you can buy the front end of the Max for £350, complete with the front wheel, & enjoy the benefits of sailing the yacht "long" ... & it fits within the FISLY Miniyacht 5.6m rope specification if you fancy going racing.  Similarly, if you have a Max & want to sail it "short", you can buy the front end of the Sport for £250, complete with front wheel.  

Tests have proven that size does matter, as the longer yachts are slightly faster ... without compromising the exquisite handling.

Size really does matter when it comes to the sails.  One of the reasons why it has taken us so long to come up with the new Fat Head sails was that we were convinced the bigger yachts - the Max -

should go a lot faster with a bigger sail &

it took a full 18 months to prove that assumption to be wrong.  Top speed is all about minimising drag - Andy's personal best of 59.8 mph was achieved on our standard £950 potty with a 2.8 sq m storm sail (£325 as a complete rig, while stocks last) - whereas a big sail will get you going in lighter winds but, once the wind speed picks up, you might need to hoist a smaller sail to get the best performance from the yacht.

The Sport comes with the new 3.6 sq m Fat Head sail shown in the picture as standard - but with the battens parallel to the boom - & we would recommend the 4.6 sq m Fat Head rig for use in lighter winds.  The 4.6 Fat Head rig costs £485, complete with 4 piece mast with external stiffener, boom with 2 pulleys, tapered battens, tensioners & a sheet rope.

The Max comes with the 4.6 sq m Fat Head sail as standard, & we would recommend the 5.6 sq m Fat Head rig for use in light winds.  The 5.6 Fat Head rig costs £495 complete, as above, but you can use the top 3 mast sections & boom & rope from the 4.6 rig, so the price of the 5.6 sail, battens & adjusters comes down to £380 if you have already got the 4.6 sq m rig.

Our old Big Rig is 4.6 sq m & uses the same top 3 mast sections as the 4.6 & 5.6 new Fat Head sails, & it is still available at £385 complete, while stocks last.  

The rear pulley position on the boom is 4" further back on the Sport, to allow for the pilot sitting further back, & it is 6" further back on the Max to reflect the mast position, so do bear this in mind if moving rigs from the Standard potty to the Sport or Max. 

The longer axles - 55 cms long, instead of the 44 cms standard axles - are available at £60 per pair.  They really make a difference - to stability & top end speed - & you can rotate them in the chassis to adjust the tracking / alignment of the rear wheels.

This is all good fun, but don't let it put you off or confuse you ....  if you are new to the sandyachting, you cannot beat our original standard £950 Potty for outstanding value & exhilarating entertainment !  

Cheers & best wishes for a lot of enjoyable sailing,


The Good News for 2014 is that, having bought the materials for the next batch of yachts, our prices are not going up - yet !

This means our Standard ever-popular adjustable-length stainless steel Potty will still cost £950, complete & ready to sail.

The Potty Max - our Race yacht - will still cost £1350 complete, with the 4.6 sq m Race sail ... plus £375 if you want the 3.6 sq m Race sail, & plus another £475 if you want the 5.6 sq m sail as well, which adds up to £2200 for the yacht & all 3 sails.

The bad news is that all the prototypes - yachts and sails - from our R&D phase have all been sold, so there's nothing left in the bargain basement.

As at February 2014, we have both the Standard Potty & the Max in stock, ready for immediate delivery.

Now that it’s 2014 ...