Blokart land yachts

The Blokart is a type of Minilandyacht. It originated in NZ, and arrived in the UK at much the same time as the Ludic. It is quite a complicated design, but it does fold away nicely into a flat case for transport / storage. The big difference with the Blokart - and it’s copy, the X-sail - is that it has hand-steering, and is raced as a one-design.

There are - however - several different types of Blokart, so it is a one-design in the same way that the Ford Fiesta is one design of motor car, with endless variations within the range, engine sizes, comfort levels etc.

Sadly there is a “Them and Us” culture with the Blokarts in the UK - but not in Ireland - in that the Blokarts do not seem to mix with the other Minilandyachts. They hold their own National Race series - sometimes - do check, - and the kit is expensive, as there is an element of pyramid selling, with a network of dealers each taking a cut.

There is plenty to criticise about the Blokart - the hand steering, the sheet rope and the separate downhaul are all in the same place, with plenty of scope for unfortunate tangles; the kart is not easy to get in to, or out of, and the compulsory seat belt means that the frame is likely to twist if the yacht capsizes hard with a heavy pilot in it - but... you cannot argue with 15,000+ sales worldwide, and at least the yachts are readily available to buy, either new or secondhand. It is better to sail a Blokart than not sail at all.

For all queries concerning Blokarts, the best starting point is their excellent website

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