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Land Yachting Associations

The Sport's International Governing Body is the Federation International of Sand and Land Yachts.

In the UK the Sport's National Governing Body is the British Federation of Sand and Land Yacht Clubs, also known as the Fed.

The Irish have the Irish Power Kite and Sandyacht Association.

The Blokarts have the British Land Speedsail Association.

If you would like to try the Sport, Commercial Operators include: - The Cornwall Blokart Centre at Perranporth Airfield. - Chris Moore at Uphill beach, Weston super Mare. - Steve Harvey at Finmere Aerodrome MK18 4JA. - The Morfa Bay Outdoor Activity Centre at Pendine Sands, SW Wales. - Blokarts at St. Andrews, Scotland. / - Greatstone beach, Kent TN28 8RN. / - Blokarts in N. Ireland. - Blokarts in S. Ireland : Freedom Surf School, Tramore.

Established Land Yacht Clubs that offer Taster Sessions include: - Brean LYC near Weston super Mare. - Kent LYC based at the Varne Boat Club, Greatsone. - York LYC based at Elvington Airfield, but also sailing at Redcar and Bridlington.

Other established Clubs include: - The Carmarthen Land Sailing Club at Cefn Sidan Sands in the Pembrey Country Park, just west of Llanelli, S. Wales. - Wirral Sand Yacht Club at Hoylake. - Lincolnshire Sand Yacht Club at Mablethorpe.


- Commercial Operator.

- Land Yachting Club.

- Blokart Centre.

Facebook is the communication medium of choice, with many of the foregoing Clubs also having a Facebook page.

Other pages of interest might include: the International Miniyacht (5.60) Class Association, Irish Miniyacht Holiday Kerry 2019, LAND SAILING.


There is lots of footage on Youtube. For example, Clicking here takes you to a list of 300 videos.

Much of the modern footage of Minis is shot in Ireland, so search 62Wattie or hvkmike and that will get you started.

Alternatively, go on Facebook and go to the IPKSA Forum page, as that is another good starting point.

Land Yacht Manufacturers

For a seriously impressive selection of sand yachts of all sizes, visit Seagull of France.


Blokarts - is a good starting point.

The Potty minilandyacht may still be available.

Why not build your own?

Rather than reinventing the wheel, useful guidance can be found on the seabreeze forum - - where there is a whole section devoted to all matters landyachting. The Lake Lefroy mini yacht is considered unduly complicated for the British and Irish beaches but, suitably simplified along the lines of the Potty, it is a good starting point.


R and J Sails, Clevedon.

Frog Sails.

Goacher, Cumbria.

Land yacht Insurance

If you need permission to sail, whoever is giving the permission will expect you to have third party liability insurance cover.

Insurance is available from various Clubs -

BFSLYC (British Landsailing)

CLSC (Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club)

BLSA (The British Land Speedsail Association)

IPKSA (Irish Power Kite and Sandyacht Association)

and others - and invariably comes with strings attached, such as the need to have the site owner's written permission before you sail, or sail numbers on your sail.

Other providers of insurance for individuals can be found on the internet, with names like sportscoverdirect and insureforsport.

Do be aware of the concept of limitless personal liability... which means that, if you do something incredibly stupid that has disastrous consequences, it is you - and only you - who are responsible, and your insurers will not hesitate to point this out to you.

The insurance only covers Third Parties, not you personally, so Be Careful when sailing, especially if you are on your own. Do not take any unnecessary risks. You are the only person who is going to get you home. No one is going to come and rescue you if you come unstuck. Ask yourself Can an Ambulance drive onto the beach, and How far away is the nearest Hospital. If these things worry you, take your phone with you - in a waterproof bag - having first checked if there is any signal out on the beach.

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