Welcome to the Minilandyachts local experts!

The map shows where selected Local Experts live. They are all experienced enthusiastic Experts who will be willing to assist you with your queries. If they cannot help you personally, they will know someone who can help you. Click on the relevant pin, and the Expert’s initials will appear... then email minilandyachts@gmail.com and we will forward your email direct to the Local Expert.


- Regular Enthusiast

- Expert Land yachter

If you are new to the world of Minilandyachts and would like to meet up with kindred spirits, to sail on your local beach or mentoring, then why not put a pin in your location ? All you need to do is send an email to minilandyachts@gmail.com and we will do the rest. A pin will then appear in your location, which will reveal your initials only when clicked and, if someone wants to get in touch with you, they will email minilandyachts@gmail.com with a request, which we will then pass on to you, to enable you to make contact direct.

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