Where's best to Land Yacht?

This website will hopefully provide you with lots of useful information about Minilandyachts; provide answers to some of your questions, and inspire you to have a go at sailing on land.


Sandyachting / Landyachting / Landsailing / Dirtboating are all words used to describe the same activity, the sailing of wheeled craft on land. In the UK we tend to use the term Sandyachting, because that's what we do... sail on sand.

The sport has a long history, mainly because - wherever there is a beach suitable for sandyachting - ie flat, hard and preferably dry sand - someone will have sailed something on it, and they will invariably have been inspired by tales of someone else who sailed something similar, a decade or two earlier.

Best U.K. Beaches
Best Ireland Beaches
Best Inland Sites


- Great beach for Sailing!

- Beach is Sailable though it may have hazards, or restrictions please review the description.

- Beach maybe Sailable but little to no information is available!

- Sailing is Banned on this beach.

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