Minilandyacht Racing

If the Racing of Minilandyachts is of interest to you, do go to a Race event first - before you buy anything - and talk to the participants, as they are very welcoming and helpful.

A word of warning … the folk who race in the UK are generally very good at it, because they have been doing it for many years, with the years measured in decades. Ian Dibdin - for example - has been winning races for over 60 years, and several others have 30 or 40 years of race experience. If you decide to go racing, do be prepared to find your first event to be somewhat depressing, as you are likely to be lapped - repeatedly - and most folk find this disheartening.

The Sport - generally - is not particularly popular. The fleet at any race event might be 10, or less. There are probably only 20 folk in the UK who race Minis, and only 40 who race landyachts of any kind, so ... be under no illusions, this is not a mainstream sport.

On the plus side, if you want to get involved, you can expect a top 10 finish.

There may be only 4 race events in a calendar year, at Brean (near Bristol), Hoylake and Redcar, with Spring and Autumn events at all 3, depending on the tides.

You need to keep an eye on the Minilandyacht Specification, as it is evolving, and can be found here

You can buy yourself a competitive race yacht from Pierre at Plume. A race yacht might cost £4000, and a race sail £1000, but you may well find you need 2, or possibly 3, especially if you are going to blame your equipment for a disappointing performance.

The racing can be tremendous fun, especially if there is someone else of similar ability taking part, as the battle for last place can be just as much fun as the battle for first.

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