Recreational landsailing!

There is something profoundly satisfying about harnessing the power of the wind to propel yourself along a windswept, deserted beach... and it gets even better if the beach is a particularly scenic one ... and better again if the sun is shining.

Perhaps it is the primeval simplicity of the concept that appeals to the inner cheapskate, as this really is the ultimate "green" sport, with minimal running costs.

You are out in the open air, and can tootle gently along from one end of the beach to the other if you so desire, as it is both quicker than walking, and can be done sitting down.

If the wind is up, you can dash back and fore, throwing the yacht into gybe turns, sliding sideways and "applying opposite lock" to steer, as it can be a wind-powered rally car if you want it to be. You can lift a wheel in the air and sail along on two wheels for as far as you can, and you can roll to a halt, still balanced on two wheels.

You can go exploring with your Miniyacht. Most Minis fit easily in the back of the car, and you can explore the same beach on a daily basis, as the tide invariably leaves the beach slightly different to the day before. The high water line might be further up or down the beach, and the selection of shoes, gloves, fishing detritus, onions and light bulbs to marvel at will have changed too. Quantities of shells - or kelp - may have arrived overnight, and different flocks of seabirds may be visiting. The beach is driest as the tide comes in, and huge numbers of gulls etc are prone to gather along the waterline to see what delights are being swept ashore by the incoming tide. Manic little beach peckers scurry back and fore with each wave; cormorants loiter, drying their wings … you might see a heron, wading hopefully in the shallows, and a flock of oystercatchers taking off as you approach, all black and white, flickering in the evening sun, is a truly memorable sight.

The texture of the sand may change, too. Overnight rain can make the beach slower to dry out, with little streams draining out to sea. The wind over the outgoing tide can produce ripples or holes, and patches of soft sand can appear.

It’s all out there, waiting for you to explore it.

If your beach is big, you really can get away from it all and enjoy a “far from the madding crowd” experience, leaving only tyre marks where no feet have trod. If the tide goes out miles and exposes vast areas of banks, they too can be explored - with care - and, when you have finished your day of sailing, you will find that you had left all your worries behind … but sadly you will only realise this when you return to reality, get back to the car, look at your phone or arrive home.

The convenience of being able to keep a miniyacht in the back of your car means you can easily take it with you … on holiday. You can explore the beaches of different parts of the country, like Scotland, say, or Wales. You can even venture overseas with it, and try the beaches of the Scottish islands, Ireland, or the Channel coast.

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